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Teasing again

Hi guys! It’s all about coffee this coming April 🙂  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post Meeka and I’s Cucina Andare food-venture and my Yoshinoya visit for now so… let’s just stick with my coffee trips, okay?

And oh… let’s not forget my Zark’s comeback with our first ever guest food critic. Who? Stay tuned!

Will post later so don’t go anywhere! 😉

♥ Lexy

Announcement, guys!

Dear EAT.BLOG.EXERCISE: The Meeka and Lexy Project visitors/readers/followers/likers/supporters…. err, everyone:

We just want to inform all of you that we have taken our Tumblr account ( down due to personal reasons.

It was quite a tough decision to make for us, since it was where all of this started. We created our original blog in Tumblr, so this sudden resolution will forever linger in our minds… and stomachs.

So there; this WordPress site will be the ONLY blog site that we’ll use to post our food-ventures and fitness stories from now on. Let us all take a minute of silence for our closed Tumblr account. (bows down)

Anyhoo… watch out for our stories this April! 🙂

Meeka & Lexy

Are you READY?

Again, my question is… are you READY?

11(Yes, we’re back at Zark’s!)

Brace yourselves for four mouth-watering stories… coming this last week of March onwards! 😉


And oh, after experiencing the most-loved zombie run three times (though I wasn’t able to run in the first Outbreak as I was giving out magazines and flyers that time… but look I was there! Lol.), I will be joining (again!) the Outbreak BGC 2 on April 13 for their 1st anniversary! Yay!

576893_10151348172786914_200848957_n(Yep, already registered!)

I will be running with my friend Mad (yes, my running companion during the United Colors of 88 Run), but I already told Meeka to join as well! This will be our first run together, if ever! 🙂

So yes, I’m so excited for the coming days. Are you excited as well? If yes, let me hear you say “yeah!” (Lol, sorry I’m being so hyper)

To those who will also be running away from zombies on April 13, see you all there!

♥ Lexy

More posts this February!

Yay! 🙂  So far, I’ve managed to post three late updates this month despite my busy college schedule (har-di-har-har). Not bad, not bad. *Obama meme*

But I still have a lot of pending posts here in my laptop (and brain), so watch out for them this coming month of hearts!

I really hope I can squeeze some time to share these fun stories with you guys. They’re really awesome. 😉  So don’t give up on us and hang on real tight!

♥ Lexy

It is ON!

At last, Meeka and I finally got the chance to bond over food, laughs, and a hearty chat! 🙂  I think the last time we ate together for this blog (and our friendship, of course, LOL) was at KXP last September 2012! Gosh, we surely missed out on a LOT of potential times to share grubs together!

Anyway, we’re back on track, and we’re planning to try to keep it this way. 😉

(A big and resounding “Holla!” from Meeka and Lexy! :*)

As you all know, we ate a LOT when we had our comeback bonding this year. Do you all know what this means? 🙂

That’s right; we have yummy posts in store for ya! 😀  So stay tuned, okay? For the meantime, I’m going to finish updating my late posts.

Watch out for these food stories! 😉

♥ Lexy

Long due posts… comin’ this January!

Okay, I know I told you guys that I will make some kwento about my running adventures last month, but as you can see, I became pretty busy (and still am) so… there. My long-due posts got more stuck in my laptop.

Anyway, expect these great stories to be posted on January next year!

See? I have so many things to tell you guys so don’t go anywhere, okay? 🙂  Mark the date: JANUARY 2013!

♥ Lexy

Stay tuned!

Honestly, I’m still in “hibernation” mode because of the semester break… the reason I (and Meeks!) am not able to update this site regularly. We’re currently enjoying our few moments of freedom from the hectic world of college, so bear with us. 😉

But, I still believe I owe you these fun stories about my past running events:

I will post my entries either tomorrow or the following days… stay tuned! 😉

♥ Lexy

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Just like Zombieland

For the second time, I am running for my life. 😉

Yes, to those who will participate in the “first ever night run in an amusement park” tomorrow, well see you all there! 🙂  I just got  lucky to have this once (twice)-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run in this much-appreciated zombie run, so I won’t miss it for the world.

And oh, don’t forget to drop by the Gala Magazine booth, for sure there will be another free photobooth tomorrow. 😉

See ya!

♥ Lexy

(And yea, if time permits, I will tell you all about my InsuRUNce adventure!)

Big news, guys! :)

We finally have our official Facebook page! 🙂

>> <<

>> <<

Don’t be afraid to click the “Like” button. Thank you! 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

Teasers! :)

Hey hey hey! 🙂

In just a few moments, we will post our super recent food getaway at this awesome place!

Have a hint already? Watch out for that! :)))

♥ Lexy