It is ON!

At last, Meeka and I finally got the chance to bond over food, laughs, and a hearty chat! 🙂  I think the last time we ate together for this blog (and our friendship, of course, LOL) was at KXP last September 2012! Gosh, we surely missed out on a LOT of potential times to share grubs together!

Anyway, we’re back on track, and we’re planning to try to keep it this way. 😉

(A big and resounding “Holla!” from Meeka and Lexy! :*)

As you all know, we ate a LOT when we had our comeback bonding this year. Do you all know what this means? 🙂

That’s right; we have yummy posts in store for ya! 😀  So stay tuned, okay? For the meantime, I’m going to finish updating my late posts.

Watch out for these food stories! 😉

♥ Lexy


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