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Sunny, Simple Sunday Sprint (4S): InsuRUNce 2012


(photo: pinoyfitness.com)

Date: October 14, 2012


Whew! This event was supposed to be posted months ago! My apologies for the delay, guys. 🙂

Anyhoo, I will just make this post short and simple, okay? Just like the run itself, which was kind of short (yea for me, because I only ran 3K for a change) and super simple… but was still warmly accepted by amateur and professional runners alike, as well as parents who just wanted to bond with their kids under a lovely Sunday sun.


Unfortunately, I participated in this fun run ALONE due to some last minute changes involving my ‘supposed-to-be’ running buddy. But it was still awesome, nonetheless. 🙂  I opted to run 3K this time to see if 5K was really that long… because when I started my “The Running Project” last July 2012 with the Manila Bay Cleanup Run, I signed up for a 5K route and I really thought I made a mistake because it was very long! Well, that was before I got used to running (and walking) 5K distances, and now I feel good. 🙂


(photos: Vertical Finisher)

Turns out, 3K was super short! I got so bitin that, after the run, I walked from BGC to Glorietta 5… and ended up with really sore legs for 2-3 days. 🙂  But the pain was so worth it! I got to sweat a few more while walking the streets of BGC— and a little sight-seeing didn’t hurt. 😉


Like I said, the run was very simple. The freebies were reasonable (thanks for the hygiene stuff inside a hygiene kit, Pru Like UK!) and hey, we had free Gatorade drinks! 🙂  LOL.

I hope there’ll be more run like this in the future— simple and no fuss at all, also less people and more space to run on.

Meh. But then again, that’s just me. 😉

(This run was organized by Without Limits.)





 “Not bad. Not bad at all. :)” –Lexy

Heads up, runners!

After our first fitness post about Outbreak BGC comes another running attempt to lose some weight. 🙂  *laughing so hard here*

Once again, my partner couldn’t come to this momentous running event (but we’re hoping to participate in the AVON Run on October 21!). So for my second fitness post as an official blogger (what?), I’ll partake in this InsuRUNce 2012, happening at Bonifacio Global City.
See you all there! 🙂
♥ Lexy