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Are you ready for our Taft invasion?

This is it! 🙂  Meeka and I just began our food-ventures and we will post our awesome experiences in just a bit.

First stop: Taft Ave., Manila! 😀

Stay tuned for our updates and get your towels ready because our picks will surely make your mouths water! 😉

♥ Lexy.


(You guys have a clue already? Well, just wait for our updates! ;>)

(And oh, I have something to share. Before we end our every post, we will “critic” everything that concerns the food and the place. We’ll call it “Spoon Rating” <lol>. We’ll base the “criticizing” on the following: food/drink, service, overall place cleanliness, ambiance, and that “WOH!” factor that we also can’t explain, hahaha. But since we’re not really food critics here <that’ll explain the quotation marks on every “critic” related word>, don’t take our ratings too seriously. This will be solely based on what we see, taste and feel. ;>)